San-tron range of SMA RF and microwave coaxial connectors and phase-matched adapters, can be set for specific frequency ranges, from DC to 40, GHz depending upon the requirements. 

Precision SMA & 3.5mm

They are available as male and female cable connectors in crimp or solder versions, with San-tron's unique, high reliability, torque-proof, safety-lock coupling nuts.  SMA cable connectors also include eSeries configurations for ruggedized, flexible coaxial cable assemblies. They offer outstanding performance through 20 GHz

SMA receptacles are offered in bulkhead, press-fit, and panel-mount configurations. Panel-mount receptacles can be supplied in 3/8-1/2-inch square flange sizes as well as in 2-hole versions, with or without gasket seals. San-tron's SMA receptacles feature solder-cup, post, or tab contact terminations. Receptacles can be configured in pressure resistant, pSeries, construction.

A variety of high performance, field-replaceable, SMA connectors are available for use with 0.012-, 0.015-, 0.018-, and 0.020-inch diameter pin sizes. They feature 1/2-inch square, 3/8-inch square, and 2-hole flanges, and are available with or without EMI gaskets and ground planes.

San-tron also offers a wide variety of standard .020”, .015”, .012”, and .009” feed-through accessories, for use with our Field Replaceable connectors.  We can also provide custom launch pins, PTFE insulators and glass to metal feedthroughs for your unique application. 

San-torn also offers a select range of 3.5mm receptacles.  

To select a SMA or 3.5mm connector, please visit our Product Finder.

  • Electrical

    Frequency Range: DC to 12.4 GHz, DC to 18 GHz, DC to 26 GHz, DC to 40 GHz 

    (Dependent upon cable)

    Voltage Rating: 355 to 500 VRMS (sea level; dependent upon cable)

    Nominal Impedance: 50 ohms

    DWV: 500 to 1500 VRMS (sea level; dependent upon cable)

    Insulation Resistance: 10,000 megaohms

  • Temperature Range

    Temperature Range: -65°C to +165°C

    Ingress Protection (pSeries): IP68, MIL-STD 202 Method 212, Condition D

  • Materials

    Dielectrics: PTFE 

    Contacts (Female): Beryllium Copper – Gold plating

    Gaskets: Silicone Rubber

    Locking Ring: Beryllium Copper

    Crimp Sleeves: Copper, soft temper

    Other Metal Parts: Brass or 303 Stainless Steel – Albaloy, Nickel, Silver plating or Passivated