RF & Microwave Coaxial Adapters


Our in-series SMA and 2.92mm adapters are phase matched, supporting test-port "swap-outs" for S21 (Phase) measurements. We also offer phase-matched, 7/16 to N between-series and 7/16 within-series adapters.   San-tron has a complete line of between series SMA adapters, the most common types for OEM applications.  Some of our 4.1/9.5, 4.3/10, 7/16, SMA, Type-N, and TNC adapters feature low passive intermodulation (PIM) performance.

Adapter styles are available in straight for test applications, as well as 4-hole flange and bulkhead-mounted styles for production applications.

Use our Product Finder to find an adapter solution that is right for you, or to request a custom coax adapter, visit Get a Quote page.