“We developed our own flexible SRX-141 cable that is much easier to produce, much more repeatable, and does not have the poor historic survivability factors of semi-rigid cable,” notes Hull.  “These SMA connectors outperform most customer applications, all but eliminating the need to go to semi-rigid cable.”

San-tron’s eSMA connectors feature an extended crimp ferrule and failure-proof SMA coupling nuts, plus a number of innovative internal design enhancements, including EZ-style, solder-free, captivated center contacts and a solder-damming positive cable stop, for operator-to-operator and production-lot-to-production-lot consistency.  With a nominal impedance of 50 Ohms, San-tron’s eSMA connectors are weatherproof and come standard with gold-plated bodies and center contacts. eSMA connectors are available as plugs, bulkhead jacks, and flange-mounted jacks for a completed in-box solution.

San-tron eSMA cable assemblies are delivered with eSMA connectors professionally installed on high performance flexible cable. Featuring a typical VSWR of 1.22 through 20 GHz and a relatively flat response curve, these robust and high-performance eSMA cable assemblies can be bent firmly, even close to the connector, where many solder joints in hand-formable assemblies often break. The flexibility of lightweight, FEP-jacketed, corrosion-resistant, phase and attenuation stable, and shielded SRX-141 cable eliminates the need for hand or precision machine bending and allows cables to be routed through the most convenient or desired path.  Available in cable sizes 0.086 and 0.141 eSMA assemblies are built-to-spec in desired lengths and delivered with short lead times. Sample requests can be made online at www.santron.com.

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