San-tron (, a leading U.S. designer and manufacturer of RF/microwave coaxial connectors and cable assemblies, has recently introduced several new additions to their 4.3-10 series of RF/microwave adapters, and low PIM cable assemblies.

San-tron's range of 4.3-10 between series adapters provides users and installers of mobile wireless systems easy connection capability between current generation wireless communication systems and legacy equipment. They are available for 4.3-10 series to 7/16, N, or SMA series connectors. San-tron 4.3-10 between series adapters are rugged, deliver high-performance signal transmission, and low passive intermodulation, or PIM.

For connecting current generation to legacy equipment, San-tron also offers custom 4.3-10 to 7/16, N, or SMA series cable assemblies. These cable assemblies are available with eSeries (enhanced performance) connectors and SRX (low PIM) cable. Connector styles include; jacks, bulkhead jacks as well as right angles, square flangereceptacles or plugs. San-tron 4.3-10 cable assemblies with eSeries connectors and SRX cable provide for reliable performance up to 6 GHz and a low passive intermodulation level of <-160 dBc.

The 4.3-10 (or 4.3/10) series of RF/microwave coaxial connectors were designed as an alternative to the much larger 7/16 and N connectors (and often confused with 4.1-9.5 series connectors). 4.3-10 connectors are 30% smaller and 60% lighter than comparable 7/16 connectors yet maintain low passive intermodulation performance.

San-tron's 4.3-10 connectors and cable assemblies are designed to meet global standards for performance and safety. Applicable standards include IEC 61169 and MIL PRF 39012. They offer designers of the 5G wireless telecom, medical equipment, instrumentation, IoT, M2M, satellite and military communication systems a smaller, lighter weight coaxial solution that stand up to harsh, outdoor environment applications.