The pSeries™ family of pressurized cable assemblies is highlighted in San-tron’s latest case study: London Underground Keeps Trains Moving (and Communications Clear). The case study explores how San-tron’s engineering team custom designed an IP68 rated pressurized connector to keep moisture away from a critical conductor to connector interface without an o-ring- the culprit of the Underground’s central problem. San-tron’s UK representative Microwave Marketing uncovered the opportunity and will also be on hand to discuss the solution. The case study can also be downloaded here: 

Also featured will be San-tron’s growing line of SRXTM, Low PIM coaxial assemblies, which now include popular mini-DINs and the newest 4.3-10 series. SRX cable assemblies feature intermodulation performance as low as -168 dBc using flexible 141 cable. SRX cable assemblies come in a variety of in-cabinet, jumper, and long-haul styles, and can be delivered plenum-rated for fire retardation, which is commonly required of in-building wireless or distributed antenna systems (DAS).

Attendees looking to find 3D formed, semi-rigid cables will be pleased to know San-tron has also invested in customized CNC coaxial bending equipment for these complex RF/COAX assemblies. These and other custom and standard flexible and hand-formable coaxial assemblies can be cut to exact lengths, terminated with advanced techniques, and can include customer-specified markings and stress relievers. Assemblies can be delivered with phase and amplitude matching as needed and with fully verified test data, including VSWR, insertion loss, and delay specifications.