The SRX brochure details their full line of low-PIM cable assemblies which can support eight different applications, including in-box, in-cabinet, cabinet-to-cabinet, short jumper (low tension), outdoor, riser, plenum run, and test-and-measurement. Also highlighted in the brochure is San-tron’s new SRX-141 cable, designed specifically for in-cabinet applications – it is a fully flexible cable designed as a drop-in replacement for semi-rigid cables. The SRX-141 is engineered with stability under vibration in mind and is available in both standard and plenum ratings.  The brochure also gives several examples of PIM performance graphs and provides vibration test results (MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Condition B).

In addition to low-PIM cable assemblies, San-tron’s SRX brochure details their full line of low-PIM adapters - available for 7/16 and Type N within-series applications along with a full line of between-series adapters for 7/16, N and SMA applications. These new adapters assure reliable service with PIM performance beyond -170 dBc.

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