Micro-miniature & PCB RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies

San-tron offers Micro-miniature coaxial cables for panel mount and board level interfaces. Connector varieties include SMA, SMP, SMPM, MCX, MMCX, and U.FL/IPEX. With SMA connectors options including bulkhead, 2-hole flange, and 4 hole flange. The Micro-miniature coaxial cable line up can operate with tight mechanical constraints, have a high-flex life, and are resistant to shock and vibration. These ruggedized coaxial cables assemblies are good for applications including electronic warfare (EW), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), WiFi, and WLAN applications.

Visit our CABLE ASSEMBLY BUILDER page today to create the perfect Micro-miniature & PCB solution for your application and request pricing.

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