San-tron's extensive line of BNC and TNC RF and microwave coaxial connectors are available as male and female cable connectors for cables with diameters from 0.094 to 0.420 inches and as receptacles with panel, bulkhead, press-fit, and threaded mountings. BNC coaxial connectors have a screw-type, threaded connection for harsh environments. Some receptacles are available in pressure resistant, pSeries, construction. Adaptors are available both within each series and between other popular RF and microwave connector series. 


San-tron BNC and TNC coaxial connectors and adapters are constructed of brass with heat-treated, beryllium-copper, female center contacts, with a variety of finish options including silver, nickel, albaloy, or gold plating in any combination. All San-tron BNC and TNC connectors mate with connectors and adapters meetingMIL-STD-348 BNC interfaces.

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  • Electrical

    Frequency Range: BNC: DC to 4 GHz

    TNC: DC to 11 GHz

    Voltage Rating: 500 VRMS (sea level)

    Nominal Impedance: 50 ohms

    DWV: 1500 VRMS at 60 Hz (sea level)

    Insulation Resistance: 5000 megaohms min.

  • Environmental

    Temperature Range: -65°C to +165°C

    Ingress Protection (pSeries): IP68, MIL-STD 202 Method 212, Condition D

  • Materials

    Dielectrics: PTFE

    Contacts (Female): Beryllium Copper – Silver, Gold plating

    Male Outer Contacts: Beryllium Copper, Brass

    Gaskets: Silicone rubber, GR 50-60

    Locking Ring: Phosphor Bronze

    Crimp Sleeves: Copper, soft temper

    Other Metal Parts: Brass, Nickel, Silver, Albaloy plating