Unfortunately, we've found that many RF and microwave designers still believe that the easiest, least expensive, and fastest way to find a RF/microwave coaxial cable assembly to serve an "unusual" situation is to buy a standard coaxial assembly and "make it work." While that may have been the case in the past, it's far from the case today. In fact, lead times for custom coaxial solutions now are no longer and cost no more than a standard coaxial product, and this applies to even truly odd combinations of coaxial cable type, connector, length, and other requirements. And by odd, I mean unlike anything you're likely to find on any RF/microwave coaxial cable supplier's Web site, ranging from combinations of connector type to unusual angles, cable types not generally specified for a particular application, assemblies for incredibly hostile environmental conditions, all or some of the above, and literally hundreds more. I sometimes think we've surely encountered every possible high performance or innovative coaxial cable/connector request, only to be proven wrong the next day.

You might expect that satisfying requests like these takes time – and it would if it were not for our experienced staff, huge library of coaxial connector and cable assembly designs, highly automated assembly equipment, and constant attention to changes in high frequency coaxial connector standards, and new cable and connector types. We've even redesigned standard coaxial connector types to deliver better performance, as we did with our S292 family of 2.92-mm millimeter-wave (K-band) connectors, eSMA connectors , SRX Series low-PIM connectors , and pSeries pressurized connectors, and others. We currently manufacture 43 connector interfaces and work with more than (125) types of cable. In fact, over the last 60 years we've rarely encountered a request we couldn't handle.

So, in short, RF and microwave cable, connector, and cable assembly manufacturing is far more automated today; and attempting to shoehorn a standard solution into a custom application in an attempt to save time and cost simply isn't necessary. If you don't find exactly what you need among our standard products, use our Cable Assembly Builder , which covers most custom situations. If you still have questions, just send us an e-mail or give us a call at (978) 356-1585.