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An Introduction to San-tron S292 Connectors This 5-minute video features Director of Engineering, Fred Hull describing the achievements in redesigning the standard 40 GHz 2.92 mm connector.
An Introduction to eSMA Connectors and Cable Assemblies In this video, Fred details the improvements of eSMA cable assemblies over the standard semi-rigid assemblies as a drop-in solution.


Inches to Microns Conversion Chart for Plating Purposes This handy chart aids in specifying plating thicknesses.


FR SMA Datasheet datasheet
2.92 Datasheet 2.92 Datasheet
San-tron Product Brochure (pdf) Our latest RF and Microwave Coaxial Connectors and Cable Assemblies brochure outlines our connector product offerings categorized by type. Adapters, cable assemblies, and custom-specialty connectors are also featured.
4.3-10 Series Connectors, Adapters, and Cable Assemblies The 4.3-10 (aka 4.3/10) series of connectors and assemblies from San-tron offer smaller, lighter weight coaxial solutions for our customers’ outdoor/ harsh environment telecom applications.
PIM White Paper (pdf) White paper on passive intermodulation (PIM). Understanding mechanical tolerances, coaxial design details and connector materials used in cable assemblies helps produce communications equipment with the lowest levels of passive intermodulation (PIM).
SO-TERM: Sales Terms & Conditions San-tron's Sales Terms & Conditions
F-022 Supplier Quality Requirements F-022 Supplier Quality Requirements Rev D
MIL-PRF-39012E Standards (pdf) This specification covers the general requirements and tests for radio-frequency connectors used with flexible RF cables and certain other types of coaxial-transmission lines.
MIL-STD-348 rev. B (pdf) Memorandum for military/industry distribution. Subject: MIL-STD-348B; Interfaces, radio frequency connector, coaxial, triaxial and twinaxial
Cable Assembly Instructions (pdf) Recommended cable assembly instructions
Panel Cutouts (pdf) Panel Cutouts - Recommended panel cutouts from San-tron's RF Coaxial Connector Catalog (pg. 101)
Crimp Die Cavity Sizes (pdf) Crimp Die Cavity Sizes - Recommended crimp die cavity sizes from San-tron's RF Coaxial Connector Catalog (pg. 84)
SRX Brochure 2016 2016 SRX Brochure
ITAR exp 2020 ITAR cert
CA-9967 eSeries Instructions CA-9967 eSeries Instructions - Recommended cable assembly instructions for CA-9967 eSeries
AS9100D exp 2022
2.92mm Announcement 2.92 Announcment
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