MHV and SHV Connectors

MHV and SHV Connectors

HMV and SHV Connectors

San-tron offers a variety of MHV and SHV connectors for demanding high-voltage applications. Weatherproof MHV connectors feature a quick-disconnect, bayonet-locking coupling mechanism while SHV connectors incorporate an added safety feature with outer contacts that remain grounded throughout the connector-mating sequence. The MHV and SHV connector families are available as male and female cable connectors, with standard and polarized interfaces, in crimp-on or clamp-on versions for a variety of different cables with diameters from 0.150 to 0.250 inches, and in bulkhead and panel-mounted receptacles. They are available with a variety of finish options, including silver, nickel, albaloy, and gold plating. All San-tron MHV connectors will mate with connectors and adapters that incorporate MIL-STD-348 MHV interfaces, while all San-tron SHV connectors will mate with connectors and adapters that are based on MIL-STD-348 SHV interfaces.

Voltage Rating: 3500 VRMS, 5000 VDC (sea level)
Nominal Impedance: Non-constant
DWV: MHV: 5000 VRMS at 60 Hz (sea level)
SHV: 5000 VRMS at 60 Hz (sea level; 10,000 VDC min.)
Insulation Resistance: MHV: 5000 megaohms min.
SHV: 1,000,000 megaohms min.
Temperature Range: -65°C to +165°C

Dielectrics: PTFE Fluorocarbon, Type 1, GR1, CLA
Contacts (Female): Beryllium copper
Male Outer Contacts: Beryllium copper, brass
Gaskets: Silicone rubber, GR 50-60
Spring Washers: Beryllium copper
Crimp Sleeves: DHP copper, CDA-122, soft temper
Other Metal Parts: Brass

Center Contacts: Silver, gold
Metal Parts: Nickel, silver, albaloy